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Welcome to San Andrés ¿What to do in San Andres?                                 

What to do in San Andrés

2003 - Special City Tour

A complete tour with a guide that offers an incomparable opportunity to visit different tourist attractions, passing by the First Baptist Church and including visits to three tourist sites.  On board an air-conditioned van or an open typical “Chiva” bus, an open bar of domestic drinks is offered from the first stop.

4008 - Snorkelling

The most enjoyable way to observe the underwater life.  An exciting adventure for adults and children as well.  The three-hour tour consists of instruction and practice, observation of fish, stingrays and coral formations.

6006 - One day Tour to Old Providence Island

The island of Old Providence, of volcanic formation, is located 45 miles north of the island of San Andrés and constitutes one of the most beautiful and tranquil areas of the Caribbean.  Breakfast is served upon arrival after the 25-minute flight from San Andrés.  Afterwards, there is a boat or car tour of the entire Island (depending on weather conditions).  There is a stop at one of the splendid beaches and the final stop is for lunch on another beach before taking the return flight to San Andrés.

3008 Special - Jhonny Cay - Acuario Tour

A fabulous tour of around six hours to the nearby cays.  First of all, the boat goes to Johnny Cay, where a tropical cocktail (with or without liquor) is offered, as well as a walk around the cay with the guide.
Around noon, the boat continues on to Haynes Cay, where a delicious typical lunch is served, which includes fish or chicken, salad, fried plantains or breadfruit, rice and one drink (beer, water or soft drink).  After lunch, various recreational activities are offered, including a bit of snokelling off Rose Cay with the guide (equipment not included), where fascinating marine life can be observed.  There is sufficient time for swimming, sunbathing or just relaxing.